J. Pechauer


Over 30 years ago, Jerry Pechauer worked on his first pool cue. Since repairing that old Willie Hoppe cue in the basement of his home as a young man, Jerry has earned a living and a world renowned reputation for producing some of the finest pool cues available today, anywhere.

From these early beginnings, Jerry took pride in knowing that each of the cues he hand-crafted was of the highest quality. Today, Jerry and his son Joe, play an active role in the hand-crafting process that each cue receives to insure the J. Pechauer quality, craftsmanship, and tradition lives on and is passed to the next generation.

PECHAUER CUSTOM CUES… The only custom cue maker to own and operate its own sawing and drying equipment.

The logs are selected by Jerry Pechauer. Many hours were spent in class rooms and log yards learning the proper techniques for selecting and grading the high quality logs that become a part of every Pechauer cue.

J. Pechauer custom cues processes all the wood that goes into their cues themselves. A special woodshop, with Pechauer’s own band saw to insure straight grain cutting.

Cross Cutting And Inspection. Each board is inspected for quality, cross cut to size, and stacked until ready to be placed into the kiln.

Special Drying And Stress Relief. A vacuum kiln, which can boil water at 90 degrees and lower, keeps the maple white and eliminates stress build up.

Some of the Cues offered by J. Pechauer.


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