How Do I Finance A Pool or Spa?

Lynchburg Pool and Spa FinancingFirst and foremost, we want to let all of our customers know that we have many different financing options available in our store and one of our professional sales associates to assist you through the entire process.

Understanding that the majority of our customers finance their pool in one way, shape, or form, we at Perry Pools and Spa want to help you understand what is involved with financing and how it typically works for most homeowners.

Our customers pay for their pools and spas in a variety of manners. Some of the routes typically taken are:

***Pool Financing Tip: If you are planning to finance a large portion of your project be sure to get pre-approval before having companies out for estimates. Many times folks have their dream pool all lined up only to find out they cannot secure the necessary financing. You can check out our pool pricing guide to determine your budget range.