Hot Spot Spas


A Hot Spot Spa is always ready for you.

Melt into the warm water of a hot tub and feel the energizing massage work its way deep into your muscles. Ahhh, that’s the spot. Hot Spot spas.
You can truly relax, because you know your high-quality spa is from the makers of Hot Spring® spas – the world’s number one selling brand.
Once you own a Hot Spot spa, you’ll wonder how you got through the day without it.

A Hot Spot Spa is always warm, welcoming and ready for you to enjoy a steaming, bubbling massage at any time. It’s energy efficient, so its easy on your wallet; and with quiet operation, you can enjoy peaceful moments and intimate conversations.

Attractive Details

The inviting features in a Hot Spot spa are designed to take you beyond pure hydromassage. Stainless steel jet fittings make the water sparkle. A gentle waterfall creates the soothing sound of running water. The blue LED underwater light and Splendors®, our optional multicolor LED light, make it easy to create the perfect mood.

Surround with Sound
With a Hot Spot spa, entertain friends or just relax with a music system. Select the optional factory installed CD/AM/FM stereo for the La PalmaTM model and surround yourself with high quality sound through four speakers.

Or add the optional MoonlightTM music system to any model for wireless audio entertainment. The MoonlightTM system features a docking station for your iPod® that wirelessly sends your favorite sounds to your spa using iCastTM technology. Your iPod stays docked safely indoors, away from splashing water, while you control the track and volume from the IQ 2020TM remote control.

Sparkling Clean Water

Spend less time maintaining your Hot Spot spa and more time enjoying it. Keeping the water clear, fresh and inviting is simple with Hot Spot spa’s accessible and easy-to-clean filter cartridge, and jet pump that runs at low speed during routine, automatic filter cycles.

Your Hot Spot dealer can help you choose from two different systems to make your water care even easier. The built-in SPA FROG®water care system, when filled with special cartridges, automatically releases bromine and minerals into your spa water as required so there’s no need for daily water maintenance. (Download a SPA FROG brochure – 1.1 MB)

Or, consider the optional EverFresh® system. The optional FreshWater® III high output ozone system generates a high concentration of ozone that works to neutralize contaminants on contact. And the optional FreshWater® continuous silver ion purifier works to inhibit bacteria growth with the natural sanitization power of silver ions. To complete the more natural water-care system, use our chlorine-free oxidizer to activate the silver ions that help refresh and brighten your spa water.

Easy Cover Removal

With any one of our optional retractable cover systems, removing and replacing the cover is a breeze-just guide it into place!

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