Fiberglass Pools


FiberglassPoolLayersFiberglass is the future of in ground pools and is exactly what you want if you are looking for the best in fun and relaxation. Fiberglass is a superior material in many ways to the concrete and vinyl materials used in traditional swimming pools. Fiberglass is a lightweight, extremely strong, and tough material. It is constructed with the combination of fiber-reinforced polymer made of a plastic matrix strengthened by fine fibers of glass.

We install Alaglas fiberglass pools that are constructed with five separate layers, adding strength, durability and beauty to every pool. The first three layers are fiberglass/resin layers. The fourth is a thick barrier coat. Finally, the surface layer of either AQUALUXE™ or Standard Gelcoat is applied. It is the combination of these five layers that make Alaglas Pools the best purchase you can make when installing a new pool.

Let us install an Alaglas fiberglass pool for you today.

Small Pools

1Small_Fiberglass_Citation_I 2Small_Fiberglass_Citation_II-39b5f77d4c 3Small_Fiberglass_Citation_III-256aa6acce 4Small_Fiberglass_Swim_Spa_I-45fe29a905
5Small_Fiberglass_Swim_Spa_II-80cbec7cf2 6Small_Fiberglass_Swim_Spa_III-1536a862c4

Medium Pools

1Medium_Fiberglass_Oasis-2621f1b1f2 2Medium_Fiberglass_June_Bug-397ce114b2 3Medium_Fiberglass_Naples-2253b5620c 4Medium_Fiberglass_Atlantis-3a5c02479d
5Medium_Fiberglass_Gulf_Stream-f96c5f56bd 6Medium_Fiberglass_Malibu-17f27aea23 7Medium_Fiberglass_Islander-09624f9092 8Medium_Fiberglass_Avanti-d420ad9ede
90Medium_Fiberglass_Challenger-a76d408baf 91Medium_Fiberglass_Caribbean-862bd71b59 92Medium_Fiberglass_Martinique-4c95f0d32a

Large Pools

1Large_Fiberglass_Baron-5547f15b73 2Large_Fiberglass_Antigua-f4804f418f 3Large_Fiberglass_Jamaican-d441587e1a 4Large_Fiberglass_Grand_Baron-325cde8e4f
5Large_Fiberglass_Majestic-5aeedb7389 6Large_Fiberglass_Grand_Antigua-c5c50c6b03 7Large_Fiberglass_Olympian-be4414bbce 8Large_Fiberglass_Grand_Majestic-8c29f45908