“Local, family-owned business in Lynchburg, Va. The employees at the store are dedicated to helping their customers and creating long-lasting relationships. They try to make owning a pool as simple as possible and they often reach out to follow up if there are any problems. Always willing to help. Their products are high quality and […]

“Awesome customer service! Great spa – Bull frog!! Charlotte is amazing!!” Rhonda A.

“Spring chemical sale has started!!! Charlotte makes it so easy putting together a list of what we need and cross-referencing it to what we have on hand from last year. Vince loads it all onto a cart and helps load it into our vehicle. John always stops by to say “hi” and greets us with […]

“My husband and I went to buy a pool table and it was a very easy process. They had everything we needed and they are very nice.” Tracie D.

“What a beautiful job on a miserable day. July 25, 2016, the hottest day of the year. Richard and adam show up from Perry Pool to replace the original liner Perry Pool had put in, in 1995. taking up the old liner, they discovered that some work needed to be done to the floor. Richard […]

“Thanks to them with information, customer service, just being polite.. I got my hot tub going again.. It was just cleaning my filters.. Thanks again” Chris C.

“I am a long-term customer and I really appreciate the friendly customer service at the store. I especially enjoy the Spring Special Sales and made my purchase today for the summer season. Thanks to all of the staff for your care and attention to my pool.” Connie C.

“I wish to thank the girls that work your front counter for helping take my pool from green swamp to a crystal clear paradise. I live on a farm in Bedford County and my little 4×18 foot pool is my summer paradise. Last year my husband was diagnosed with cancer and went through some extensive […]

“Special thanks to Perry Pools and Spas! When our new pool filter proved a bit difficult to install, Craig told me to just bring it in and they’d take care of it. Well, the directions were, at times, challenging. Our favorite line was “MAKE SURE THE FILTER VESSEL ARE FULLY FILLED THE WATER BEFORE STARTING […]