“I wish to thank the girls that work your front counter for helping take my pool from green swamp to a crystal clear paradise. I live on a farm in Bedford County and my little 4×18 foot pool is my summer paradise. Last year my husband was diagnosed with cancer and went through some extensive treatments and surgery, my pool pump decided to quit working and the pool was not just important at that time. I winterized the pool and it stayed pretty clear up until the beginning of May, put off replacing the pump until we returned from our vacation in May. BIG MISTAKE!!! I took my water sample to your place of business and the girls told me what to purchase and when to add the chemicals to my pool, was a little crazy we thought we were creating an acid pit LOL. Within two weeks my pool is crystal clear. I work with the public and I know how nice it feels for a customer to take a few minutes and show appreciation for a job well done. So once again I say thank you very much and I hope you guys have a lovely summer.”

Vanessa D.