“What a beautiful job on a miserable day. July 25, 2016, the hottest day of the year. Richard and adam show up from Perry Pool to replace the original liner Perry Pool had put in, in 1995. taking up the old liner, they discovered that some work needed to be done to the floor. Richard made a phone call and the supplies they needed were on their way. you could tell Richard and adam were veterans at this, knowing each other’s next move without a word. late into the afternoon, more like early evening, they finished the floor and started the liner. it is still HOT, and they had been at this for over 10 hours. they put a vacuum under the liner and cut the skimmer holes by flashlight, determine to finish the job. they finally got to head home at almost 10 pm.

The liner is PERFECT !! I found Richard and Adam’s dedication (along with Perry Pools) above and beyond anyone’s expectations. THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR “FOR A BEAUTIFUL JOB ON A MISERABLE DAY”

John D.